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    How to Roast Green Coffee at Home on a Budget

    First, I have to issue a warning here. Home roasting will change your life. It will take your coffee snobbery to the next level and there is no way back. It will start with a $5 popcorn popper from the local flea market, but very soon you'll want to upgrade to more professional gear to measure bean temperature, exhaust temperature and the air flow. Do not worry about these today. Your friends will seek out your company for an amazing cup of coffee, but run far away as soon as you start droning on about which roast profiles you tried on the coffee they are drinking. You might even end up working for the industry... This was my story of starting to roast in 2001,...

    How to Grow a Coffee Plant from a Seed

    It makes me extremely happy that you decided to plant coffee seeds! Before we start to plant them there is some good news and a little bad news. The good news is that coffee plants are awesome. They have a fantastic lush foliage and they are easy to grow. They are ready to be your green companion for a long time. The bad news is that I must disappoint you if you expect to drink coffee from your own harvest. If you love them enough and you are lucky like me, one of your plants might reward you with gorgeous jasmine-like flowers and perhaps even give you a few coffee cherries. That’s not enough for a cup of coffee, but enough to give you an...

    Is Making Espresso at Home a Pain? It Doesn’t Have to Be.

    WHAT IS AN ESPRESSO? “Espresso is a 25-35ml (.85-1.2 ounce) beverage prepared from 7-9 grams (14-18 grams for a double) of coffee through which clean water of 195 °-205 °F (92 °-95°C) has been forced at 9-10 atmospheres of pressure, and where the grind of the coffee is such that the brew time is 20-30 seconds.” (Definition by Specialty Coffee Association of America) Espresso from The Mysterious Farm Blend. If you like Nutella, this coffee is for you 👯 #coffeetime #sffoodie #sffood #fairfax #sfcoffee #manmakecoffee #baristalife #homebarista #yummy #thirdwavecoffee #specialtycoffee #smoothie #eeeeeats #sanrafael A video posted by Unleashed Coffee (@unleashedcoffee) on Mar 16, 2016 at 8:08am PDT Whoah. This is the industry standard definition for an espresso and I will tell you right now that...