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    Our mission is to unleash the quality of coffees from our farm to your cup and to reveal the potential of the people working with coffee throughout the whole coffee chain: farming, roasting and brewing.


    We control and preserve the coffee’s quality from inception to indulgence, from our farm to your cup. For the past two harvests, we have been working with consumers and with coffee experts in the San Francisco Bay Area to improve our farming processes, and we are excited to unleash our newest coffees.

    We are far from feeling satisfied though. We look forward to learning through your feedback and continuing to unleash the potential of our coffees from farm to cup. We like to say that we “own” the quality preserved from farm to cup because we own our farm, we roast our own coffees, we provide resources to help brew to your preferred taste and we will prepare coffees for your pleasure at our cafes.


    Do you prefer dark roast or light roast? Do you like standard filtered coffee or do you consider yourself a specialty coffee artist? As coffee connoisseurs, we constantly test our coffees with the most popular brewing methods used at home to develop roast styles which unleash the maximum potential of your coffees.

    Rather than advocating for or against specific roast styles, we would like YOU to choose your favorite roast and to enjoy a marvelous cup of coffee, whether the roast is dark, light or something in between. In simple words, we have got you covered.


    Our coffees come directly from our farm, packaged devotedly for you. When using labels like “Fair Trade” and even “Direct Trade”, most of the earnings are claimed by people who work the least with the coffees. Unfortunately, such labels often misrepresent the relationships and processes that exist “behind the scenes”.

    The truth is that many coffee farmers worldwide live in poverty. We proudly abstain from this and embrace the whole chain – farming, roasting, packaging and brewing – to ensure value and knowledge are distributed righteously. If fairness in coffee trade is important to you, there is not a purer way to connect farmers (us) to consumers (you).


    Most of the coffees in the world are prepared using a method called “washed process”. Did you know that this process can use up to 3.8 gallons of water to process the coffee necessary to make only a cup of coffee?

    We process our coffees using the “sun-dried natural” method, which nourishes naturally sweet and creamy coffees, with plenty of chocolate flavor, dried fruit aromatics AND 0% water waste.

    Further, we preserve the water springs at our farm, as well as the natural vegetation, by letting the land and the environment ripen as they should, unbothered. Stay tuned for opportunities to visit our farm in Brazil in the near future.

    Do you feel like talking about coffee? We do! Let's get in touch.