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    William, your coffee farmer

    Olá, eu sou o William Murad. I am the guy who grows your coffee in Brazil. I was raised on our farm, spending my time there every weekend and during all school breaks. While I also love working with the farm animals, coffee became my true passion. I planted my first coffee plantation when I was 13 years old, with the help of my father. I still remember planting those tiny Acaiá seedlings and thinking, now I am a cattle herder and a coffee farmer.

    While this story sounds like a fairy tale, it was the foundation of my career as a coffee farmer. Years later, I decided to expand and plant new varietals. As many times before and after, I followed my dad’s suggestion and planted three varietals: Catucaí Red, Catucaí Yellow and Catuaí Yellow.

    When I turned 14, I got my first computer and I immediately fell in love with technology. Considering all the challenges my parents faced being farmers, I decided to pursue my own career in parallel. My studies and professional goals brought me to the San Francisco Bay Area when I was 21.

    Nowadays, my parents are still at the farm handling the day-to-day operations and I travel home often to get my hands dirty. I focus on improving our various farming processes, on bringing new technologies to the farm and on preparing and delivering perfectly roasted beans for the American customers. Please make sure you let us know how you like our coffees.

    Valerian, your coffee roaster

    Hey there! My name is Valerian Hrala and I have worked with coffee since 2001, when I left my job with International Diplomacy. Roasting and product development have become my passion, and I call them “awesome”. I am a very detailed-oriented person and I like to stay on top of everything I do. When I had the chance to be involved in controlling the quality of coffees from the farm to your cup, I had to be in!

    I could go on with a clichê message “my goal is to offer the best, healthiest and strongest cup of coffee you have ever experienced.” Instead, I’d rather say I will work hard to highlight the most interesting characteristics of coffees from the farm to your cup. I promise your moments during coffee breaks, tastings and talking about our coffee will be fun because… we are fun! Really! Do you see what I just did there?

    I am all in when it comes to coffee! A tidbit about my history involving these precious beans: I founded one of the pioneer companies in specialty coffee in Central Europe, called Green Plantation. I also co-founded, the only online educational hub for coffee professionals, and Additionally, you can hear my voice and learn about coffee listening to the Podcast.

    I can’t wait to hear from you and to have a great coffee chat!

    Our Coffee Farm

    Alright, here is where we will tell you the entire story of the farm. We are working on it right now and we promise to present an amazing one. William’s ancestors started farming coffee in 1875! Here, we welcome you to enjoy some recent pictures of the farm.